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Camera protection glas 3D

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra


    • Innovative protection
    • Ultra-slim hardened glas
    • Residue-free removal




85,00 SEKi

Product details
Get your hands on the ultimate protection for your smartphone camera now. Thanks to the saphire coating, our ultra-slim protective glas is extremely robust. You get an extra-ordinary and reliable protection against scratches or breakage, without interfering with the quality of your pictures. The hardened glas covers the entire area of your phone camera and offers you a 3D all-around protection. The camera shield is currently available for iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max.

Camera protection glas 3D glossy

Special feature

  • Protection for camera and flash light
  • Ultra-slim
  • Easy to mount
  • No glue residue once removed

Fit & installation

The camera protectige glas is cut to fit your phone camera perfectly and is super easy to mount:

1. Clean your phone camera thoroughly
2. Remove the glas from the carrier foil
3. Align the glas to your phone camera, place it on top and lightly press the glass to the camera
4. In case small air bubbles emerged, you can smooth them out easily

If you want to exchange or remove your camera protection you can do so anytime without annoying glue residue.

Camera protection glas 3D glossy
Camera protection glas 3D glossy

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